Hypothetical  Illustration

LASIK Procedure 

Gross Practice charge:    $4000   (which includes typical Facility and laser fees  approx    $2000)

Net Fee to practice           $2000  (which is then reduced by typical Practice overhead   approx 50-60%)

Net to provider                $800-1000  (lasik specific advertising may reduce this figure further)

Cost to provide financing through "other" leading financing company 6 - 12% of gross = $240-480


Resulting net to provider as low as $320 of gross $4000   ~~ over 50% of LASIK revenue just to provide financing!

Contrast this with NO FEE to practice for Patient Finance Solutions (beyond standard Credit Card Transaction rate)

Illustration representative of any procedure in which financed charges include cost of outside services or materials:

Premium intraocular lenses

Laser Cataract surgery

Dental lab fees or supplies

Surgical facility fees for cosmetic surgery

In addition to costly provider fees, patient fees are also much higher for these "other" patient financing programs:

See First Bankcard site for terms and conditions

How can Patient Finance Solutions provide financing so affordable for patients, at no cost to providers?

By providing excellent service and fair and transparent terms, FNBO anticipates being the retail card of choice for enrolled physicians and their valued patients - for ALL their future purchases.  We also hope to earn your business, as well, providing for all of your retail needs.  Simple as that!

THank you for your interest in patient finance solutions


Best terms and value for patients

No cost to provider (beyond standard credit card transaction fee)

Offering affordable financing to All patients regardless of ability to pay is important not only to break down barriers to care (spoken or not), but also to avoid discrimination in fair lending. 

However, offering financing to all patients can significantly impact the cost of providing treatment and dramatically raise practice overhead, due to fees charged by "other" patient financing programs

​​Patient Finance Solutions